Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm missing the chilli cook-off

Well krystle and i went to the araluen chilli festival this year, and to be honest it was pretty crap.
1 The drive in was ridiculous, backed up about 7km, though there was a courtesy bus 5km out that we got on instead of parking closer.
2 it was hot. Krystle almost collapsed when we were in the (massive) queue for a german hot dog.
3 it was full of people. Lots of people.
4 no chilli con carne.

The good points were the taste testing when there was space to move, and the number of chilli plants to choose from (i got a hot, and extra hot plant).

So yeah, it would have been better if it was 10-15 deg cooler, and if we got there much earlier, but i can't imagine us going through that again next year.

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