Thursday, December 1, 2011

Busy, busy

Wow, it's been over a week since my last blog post, and despite being excited about starting some Expanz work, I only got as far as downloading the tools and creating a sample model.

I was struck with two immediate things, the first being that creating a model called System breaks everything (well duh), and second that I had no idea how to 'regenerate' the server project after changing the model. I think this was caused by enabling the Linq to Sql model when creating my server which seemed to make things harder for no appreciable gain. I really did not have more than a few minutes to get familiar with the tools though, so I am not saying these are actually problems.

The last week has been crazy which is why I haven't really looked at the expanz platform, with a 7th birthday party, multiple bbqs, a sick kitty, and a weekend only SW:TOR beta invite on the weekend, followed by a Foo Fighters concert, a non-sleeping baby, and work 'heightened operation period' during the week. Hopefully the next weekend and week will be a bit more relaxing.

I haven't heard from Mr R&D (@csharpzealot) whether I have a project to work on with Expanz yet, but if not I'll definitely try and get my market game up and running on the Expanz platform over the weekend.

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