Monday, November 14, 2011

Javascript standards

Html5 and css3 are well on their way to becoming standardised and you can be fairly sure that when using these technologies your knowledge can be reused time and time again. Why then are there so many different bloody javascript libraries, all with their own syntax and base functionality. Every time I start looking to re-learn Javascript for web app development I feel like I am starting all over again.

Granted jquery seems to be leading the pack, but even libraries built on jquery decide to do their own thing with data sources and other core features more often than not.

Of course other languages are not immune to this, with a plethora of frameworks and tools in .net alone, but at least the basic syntax its the same and with .net you get the benefit of an excellent dev environment to help manage the differences. Each tool and library can usually work regardless of the other tools and libraries you are using as well, whereas in javascript if you find a nice calendar control for jquery and you are using yui you are SOL.

Ok rant over, I should go check out some javascript libraries to see if I like them enough to learn since I am lagging a bit in my skills. Twitterverse is all over #kendoui at the moment, and the demos of #knockoutJS I ran through a month or so ago were nice, so maybe I should start there.

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