Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have avoided really learning JavaScript for web development for a little while now. Or at least I have always had other things come up that has taken precedence. Despite one fairly large ExtJS project, and a smattering of JQuery controls, I have not spent much time learning JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS3.

With the release of MVC4 beta I decided to really try and get stuck into JavaScript and at the same time work on Mobile application development for rich internet apps.

One thing that I think is really lacking in the MVC javascript demos however is an explanation of the basic components of the projects. All the demos highlight how easy it is to load and manipulate data through the web api, and bind to elements on the page, but there is very little on the application plumbing, how pages are rendered, how navigation works, how the partial views are rendered to popups, etc. All of this requires diving into the code to work it out.

So hopefully in the coming weeks I'll post a few guides on these 'basics' as I start to build up my own knowledge.

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