Thursday, March 14, 2013

New job update

Well... This post is probably a few months late, as I have been in my new job for 9 months now.

I was getting frustrated in my old job due to a change in business direction away from my core career goals so when a .net community member advised me to hand in a resume I thought I didn't have much to lose.

So within a week of handing in a resume I was given an offer I could not refuse: a substantial pay rise, a company focusing on my strengths,  and working with a few people I had a healthy respect for.

9 months on and I am now at a new client with a substantial responsibility increase, learning a lot, and generally doing what I had expected would take me another few years to reasonably obtain at my old job if any opportunities were even to arrive.  The client even seems happy with my performance too, which is a bonus.

So far the risk of moving to a new job has paid off, and I hope to keep pushing my boundaries now that I have the opportunity to do so.

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